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Have a look at our First Aid for Planning guides

You are worried about how your neighbourhood is changing, why get involved in planning? Planning matters to people who want to change their area. Our First Aid for Planning guides explain planning to help you understand how the system works. This in turn can show you how communities can best use planning to make change in their neighbourhoods.

Our leaflets and guides explain planning in plain English. They also highlight when and where people can get involved. You can print and share our guides and leaflets, so that others can also use then.

For each guide, we have specified when the resource was last updated. Check the dates, as information can get out-of-date when regulations have changed.

We also make tailored guides for community groups on a specific planning issue or topic. For example, we have recently worked together with the Southwark Planning Network to create a guide on the examination in public process. If you have an idea for a guide or other resource, please get in touch with us.