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Online workshop: Understanding and influencing future development on estates in Southwark

Together with Southwark Group of Tenants Organisation and Southwark Law Centre, we delivered an online workshop on future development on estates in Southwark. The workshop took place on the 25 March 2021. We discussed: 

  • Southwark Council's new policies for building on estates and how this might affect you
  • Which estates are likely to experience rooftop development
  • What your rights are as a tenant and/or resident
  • What you can do to have a say in future development on your estate 

Many thanks to all the attendees and our volunteers!


Workshop outcomes

  • Following the workshop, we produced a handout that signposts where attendees can find further information. You can download the handout here.
  • A summary of the workshop notes will be available soon.

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