Who we are

Planning Aid for London is the free planning advice service for Londoners.


Planning Aid for London is a registered charity and company. We help communities and people who cannot afford professional advice with planning matters. In doing so, we support Londoners to get involved in planning. Our advice is independent, professional, confidential, and free of charge. Due to limited resources, we limit our services to those who need it the most.

Founded in 1973, Planning Aid for London has experience and skill in community-based planning. Our volunteers help deliver our advice and support services. They are all professionals from the built environment sector.

Together, we have offered training for community groups for many years. We have also delivered summer courses, community outreach, specialist support for disabled people and youth engagement projects.

Group of residents looking at development plans in an outdoor exhibition. Residents look at different maps and discuss their content.

Mission statement

Our mission is to support communities and individuals who want to have a say in the future development of London. Planning Aid for London aims to be proactive and provide information, education and training. We do this so that London’s communities can make their voices heard. All individuals and communities should have access to information about structures, processes and policies which affect the built and natural environment in London.

This includes understanding how developers and the development process works, and how and when to influence the process. 

We seek to collaborate with other organisations support communities in London. 

Platform of an above ground tube station with passengers in colour outfits waiting for the train.

Charitable Objects

Our charitable objects are:

  • To advance the education of the public in all matters relating to Town and Country Planning.
  • To assist in the relief of poverty. We do this in particular by providing independent professional advice and assistance in connection with Town and Country Planning to members of the public.