Are you planning a community-led green space?

Urban green spaces provide communities: with access to nature and places to grow food, provide spaces for wellbeing and connection, and support climate action and biodiversity.

Community-led green spaces workshop

In September 2023 Planning Aid for London and Ramboll hosted a workshop with community groups to share lessons learnt on the planning and design processes around getting setting up a community-led green space or growing space up and running.

The aims of the workshop were to:

  1. Inspire participants to initiate and lead green space projects in their local communities.
  2. To educate participants about the importance and benefits of community-led green spaces in urban environments.
  3. Provide guidance on the essential steps and best practices for designing and implementing community-led green spaces.
  4. Explore innovative approaches to maximize biodiversity, resilience, and sustainability within urban green spaces.
  5. Foster collaboration and networking opportunities among participants to facilitate future partnerships and knowledge sharing.

Planning Green spaces Toolkit

Following the workshop Ramboll and Planning Aid for London have produced a freely available toolkit to support community groups and individuals. The guide can be accessed below:

The guidance in the toolkit is divided into two sections:

Section 1 - Planning and governance
Provides guidance in relation to planning applications and legal requirements.

Section 2 - Designing and engaging
Outlines physical opportunities and constraints to consider when designing a community-led green space.

At the end of the toolkit we have provided a Checklist of key actions. At the back of the document are some Case Studies and Further Resources providing links to relevant information.

Further Support

Planning Aid for London are keen to provide further support to community groups planning green spaces. For questions or queries please get in touch here

Project Background

This project was a collaboration between Planning Aid for London and Ramboll.

Ramboll is a foundation-owned consultancy of over 17,000 experts worldwide whose ethos is to partner with our clients and collaborators to drive sustainable change. We create memorable and lasting places that embed long-term sustainability and generate value for future generations. Visit their website here

You can also download the toolkit here