Illustrated city scene- with colourful buildings of all different sizes, there are roads with diverse people walking on as well as some black cabs and red double decker buses. People are walking with bags, riding bikes, in wheelchairs, walking dogs etc. There are green trees dotted about the city scene as well as red telephone boxes and street lights.

Planning Aid for London provides free support on town planning and development. We work with people and communities in London who cannot afford professional support.

If you care about your home and neighbourhood, you need to know a bit about how planning works. The planning system can seem complicated. But it’s vital in many decisions about our future. You might want to reduce pollution in your high street or get more play spaces for children. If so, you will need planning. Planning Aid London is here to help you find your way through the process. 

Community - Led Green Spaces

Are you planning a community-led green space in London? Planning Aid for London, in partnership with Ramboll, have produced a series of work on the role that communities can play in creating urban green spaces. Find out more about our interactive map and opportunities for guidance.

How can we help?

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We have over 40 years of experience providing independent professional advice on planning. Do you need help? Then read here if you can use our free planning advice line and send us your query.  

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Are you concerned about how your neighbourhood is changing? Then find out what planning has to do with it. Search our planning library to find information on planning and understand what you can do. We have more thanĀ 150 guides and other resources in our library.

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Find out what training we offer to help community groups understand planning. Our training focusses on how you can influence future development and improve your neighbourhood.

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Learn from other community groups in London. We collect stories of people have become engaged in planning and know how to influence decisions.