Status of your Local Plan  

Find out if you can influence your Local Plan and make an impact on your local area 

*Page last updated 12/04/21*

Depending on the status of your Local Plan, you may have the opportunity to have your say on future development. 

Every council in London has a Local Plan. It sets out a vision for your area and will guide future decisions on development proposals and planning applications. A Local Plan should be prepared with local people and is approved by councillors.

Getting engaged in the plan-making of your Local Plan is a key opportunity to give your views on the future of your area. Knowing at what stage the development of the Local Plan of your Borough is can help you get involved at the right time.

This map shows at what stage of plan-making every Local Plan in London is. If a plan has not been updated in the past five years, the council is likely to undertake a review of the Local Plan soon. Below the map you can see key deadlines for the Local Plan of each Local Planning Authority in London. 

It is a good idea to sign up for regular updates via a newsletter on your council's website. You can find the contact details for each Local Planning Authority, usually your council, here. 

When the Local Plan is for consultation, everyone in the borough can comment on the proposals of the Local Planning Authority. There are two key opportunities for you to get involved in the development of a new Local Plan: during what is called the Regulation 18 Consultation (stage 2) and Regulation 19 Consultation (stage 3). When the Inspector is examining the plan, you only have the right to directly raise your concerns with the Inspector during the hearings if you have made a comment during the consultation process. 


Local Plans map


Key deadlines

We have listed important deadlines for each Local Planning Authority. If your Local Planning Authority does not appear in the list, your Local Plan is not under review.

This page is updated monthly. For the latest deadlines and further information, we recommend you to contact your Local Planning Authority. You can find their contact details here.

  • Barking and Dagenham: Examination in Public of Local Plan to be determined, but roughly after April 2021.
  • Barnet: Examination in Public of Local Plan is set to take place in Autumn 2021.
  • Bexley: Regulation 19 consultation expected late Spring/early Summer 2021.
  • Camden: The Local Plan was adopted in 2017. Although there are no formal plans for review yet, the Local Plan might be updated soon. Contact the Camden Planning Department for more information.
  • City of London: Regulation 19 consultation is currently open until 6pm on 7 May 2021.
  • Croydon: Regulation 19 consultation is set to take place sometime before June - July 2021.
  • Ealing: The Ealing Local Plan is older than five years. A review of the Local Plan may come up soon. Contact the Ealing Planning Department for more information 
  • Enfield: Regulation 19 consultation is expected to take place in Summer 2022.
  • Greenwich: Regulation 19 consultation expected in Spring 2021.
  • Haringey: Regulation 19 consultation expected late 2021.
  • Harrow: Regulation 18 consultation expected Spring 2021. 
  • Hounslow: Examination in Public expected in Summer 2021.
  • Islington: The Examination in Public is currently ongoing. 
  • Kensington and Chelsea: Regulation 19 consultation expected Spring/Summer 2022.
  • Kingston Upon Thames: Regulation 19 consultation expected in Spring 2021.
  • Lambeth: Examination in Public has recently finished. Depending on the report of the Inspector, the council might consult on modifications to the plan. Updates can be found here. 
  • Lewisham: Regulation 19 consultation is upcoming, date to be confirmed.
  • Merton: Examination in Public to be confirmed. You can sign up for updates here. 
  • Old Oak Park Royal Development Corporation: Examination in Public expected Spring/Summer 2021.
  • Redbridge: Regulation 18 consultation expected in the Summer 2022.
  • Richmond Upon Thames: Regulation 18 consultation is expected to take place in Spring 2021.
  • Southwark: Examination is Public is currently taking place. 
  • Waltham Forest: Date Examination in Public to be confirmed. You can be alerted when the EIP is scheduled by signing up for the Local Plan newsletter here 
  • Wandsworth: Regulation 19 consultation expected to take place in Autumn 2021.
  • Westminster: Examination in Public is currently underway.