Check out our planning library to find the information you need. 

Do you want to improve your local park, change traffic in your street, protect your shops, adapt your home, save your local play area or grow your own food? Do you want to know what planning has to do with this? 

You are unhappy with how your neighbourhood is changing and you want to do something about this. Then you will have to learn about planning. Many people have already explained how the planning system works. They also help show how you can use planning to influence decisions about your neighbourhood. 

Our planning library brings together useful guides and other sources of information. This helps you find how communities can use planning to improve their neighbourhoods.

The library is regularly updated to include new resources. Other advisory services on topics related to planning have also been included. For example, you can read more about tenant rights or public health. You will also find other community-led networks and support organisations, which you can join.

Planning Aid for London produces guides to explain aspects of the planning system that people want to know more about. We aim to work together with community groups when creating these. Our guides focus on the moments in planning you can share your views. So when you can have a real influence on how your neighbourhood changes. The library also helps you find information on the planning processes happening in your local authority. It also explains how planning in the wider London region works.

Are you unable to find the answer to your question? You can contact our advice line.