Your Local Planning Authority

Learn more about development in your area

Often people realise too late what buildings will be demolished or built. They only learn how their neighbourhood will change after decisions have been made. Permission has already been granted. This leaves you with few opportunities to influence what will happen in your area. You should get involved early.

You therefore need to find out how your council is planning for development in your area. Then you can get involved on time. Having a look at your Local Plan is helpful; the Local Plan shapes what development will take place where. Your council might be reviewing the Local Plan. If so, getting involved is a critical opportunity for you. You can influence decisions on housing, GP surgeries, schools, parks, community centres, bus connections and much more. You can find out if your council is reviewing the Local Plan here

Most councils have newsletters that will keep you informed on when consultations take place. During a consultation you can comment on the plans of your council. You can sign up for a newsletter on the council's website.

Find your Local Planning Authority
For each Local Planning Authority in London, we have listed where you can find the development plan, previous and live planning applications, open consultations on policy and contact details for the planning department.

What is a Local Planning Authority

The Local Planning Authority (LPA) administers planning and development processes in your area. So before something can be build, the LPA usually has to give permission. The LPA therefore is an important source of information for you; you can learn how the council is planning for change in your area.

Usually the council is your LPA. You can find your LPA responsible for planning in your area here . Some large-scale development has a different planning authority, for example the Greater London Authority (GLA). Read about the GLA here.