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We offer workshops on what you can do with the planning system.

Planning Aid for London has decades of experience in running engaging training events and workshops. We often collaborate with other community groups and can tailor our training to their needs. We also offer support to people who are looking to set up a community-led planning group.

There is a limited number of training events we can organise every year. We prioritise community groups that have the greatest need for training. If you want to know more about our training offer, please get in touch via

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What we can do

  • An introductory training on the planning system.
  •  Where you can find information and when you can influence planning decisions.
  • Doing community outreach to get more people involved in planning.
  • Help people who are often excluded participate in planning.
  • Help set up neighbourhood forums and develop Neighbourhood Plans.
  • Help create community plans,
  • Work with young people to identify what needs to change in their areas
  • How to set-up and maintain a community-led green space

Developing a community plan

Creating a community plan or Neighbourhood Plan can help you understand what your area needs. This can help you communicate with a council, developer or other residents. Community-led plans can be a powerful way for you to articulate your vision. A Neighbourhood Plan, once adopted, even becomes part of the development plan. This means that the Local Planning Authority will have to consider the policies included in the Neighbourhood Plan.

We also support people set up their community-led planning groups. For this, we can help bring people together in the neighbourhood and build a coalition of local people.

How we help with a community plan

  • Understand the needs and wishes in your community. We can explain what planning can do to help realise these.
  • Set up a community group or resident planning forum.
  • Present ideas and proposals for an area or site.
  • Know how the council makes decisions and how you can influence them
  • Work together with other community groups and networks
  • Work in partnership with officers, councillors, public authorities and other organisations
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