Greater London Authority

Find out about regional planning in London

The Greater London Authority (GLA) is London's regional planning body. The Mayor of London leads the GLA. Together they produce the London Plan, a strategic planning document for London as whole. The London Plan includes policies on housing, transport, infrastructure, design, heritage and culture, green space, the economy and economic growth.

Planning by the Mayor of London

Major planning applications are also referred to the Mayor of London, when they exceed a certain threshold or the Mayor requests this. The Mayor will have to approve these applications. To do so, the Mayor will test if the application meets the requirements of the London Plan. You can make a representation at the public hearing of a planning application that the Mayor has called in.

The GLA plays an important role in regeneration and development projects across London. The Mayor also consults on strategic planning policies for London. These policies are in the London Plan and other planning policy documents. 

The London Plan

In January 2021 the Mayor adopted the new London Plan. The plan replaces the previous version, which was adopted in 2011 and revised in 2016.

A community perspective on the London Plan

Just Space, a network of community groups focussed around mutual support on planning issue, has covered the development of the New London Plan. You can view their reporting

COVID-19 recovery and the GLA

The Mayor and GLA are leading the recovery of London from the Covid-19 pandemic. They work with business, community groups and civil society to build a better London. Their work is built on 9 missions, which you can read about here Several missions are relevant to planning, regeneration, re-development and the built environment.

If you are part of a community campaign or group, it could be useful to take a look at the missions. For example, this could help you understand current priorities of the Mayor. It can help you to link to these in your own goals as part of your advocacy.

Mayoral Elections

Every four years Londoners can elect a new Mayor. New elections are scheduled for the Thursday 2 May 2024. You can read more about how you can vote in the elections here

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