Steering group meeting (Dec 2020)

Mural of a black person on a shopfront

Steering Group Meeting

Planning Aid for London had its second steering group meeting. The discussion focussed on the outreach work that PAL will undertake in order to offer longterm support to community groups engaged in planning. A communications strategy for PAL was also discussed, with the aim of increasing the use of the advice line by members of the public.

The steering group runs for three years and comes together three times a year to discuss progress within Planning Aid for London.

We are grateful to the group members for their insightful contributions. A word of thanks to Just Space (@justspace7), Latin Elephant (@LatinElephant), ASF UK (@ASF_UK), Hackney Quest (@HackneyQuest), the HEAR Network (@HEAR_Network), the Grand Union Alliance (@GUAnetwork), Nancy AstleyFlora Walker (@floramelita) and the Town and Country Planning Association (@theTCPA).

Collection of logos of the steering group members