"I could not be more satisfied with the help and service I received from Planning Aid for London, the support and advice received was consistently excellent and absolutely vital at every stage.  I am indebted to Planning Aid for London for all its support, help and professionalism.  I received a prompt and useful response to every single enquiry without fail.  Quite simply, I would have been at a loss to fight my neighbourhood campaign without its assistance".
S.R., London SW18  

"Thank you so much for your support. Your volunteer Helen Bangs has been excellent in supporting the Shahjalal Community Organization's work in raising the planning concerns to the Council. 
 The management board would like to express their sincere appreciation for your support.Thank you".
A.M.- Shahjalal Community Group

"The residents in our street and neighbourhood feel very lucky to have been advised by PAL and specifically by one of your expert volunteers on a difficult planning issue. First of all, you decided we qualified to receive your free help and secondly, you put us in touch with a top professional in the field who spent two long sessions with us. We still have a long way ahead of us, but we feel empowered by your support and help. Priceless. Thank you".
On behalf of the neighbours of Horizon School, Stoke Newington, N16

"At all stages PAL gave me prompt, reassuring technical guidance to e-mail correspondence and telephone contact. I found the service user-friendly and the charges very competitive."
P.B., Romford

"Our experience is that one of the very few allies you can rely on is Planning Aid for London. We feel their support and advice have proved priceless and without costing the earth!

It has been great to talk to someone who can make sense of the maze. Someone who thinks objectively in an area riddled with subjectivity. Someone who can help you decide the best way to go. They may not be able to change our flawed system, but it certainly helps to have someone on your side."
P.S., London SM4

"Planning Aid for London have been my encyclopaedia of Planning for which I thank you. PAL taught me a great deal about the vagaries of planning and also their kind encouragement and patience helped alleviate the trauma this six-month long ordeal has caused. I had carefully outlined what would overcome my objections, ie. reduction in scale and projection, etc so hopefully the council planner will have made it clear what they need to do to get consent if they try again. Thank you once again."
R.G., London N14

''It was invaluable to me to know that I had an expert handling my planning application with a detailed knowledge and understanding of what is the Planning Process. I especially appreciated the information and advice and expertise you have been able to provide throughout the complicated and lengthy planning process. Your assistance has been invaluable to me.

Again, thank you so much. I greatly appreciate your professionalism and expertise in achieving a perfect outcome''
B. B., London NW3

''I have used PAL's services on numerous occasions during the last five years, be it for myself or for my community in North London. I cannot praise enough the quality of their work: the availability is impeccable, the deadlines are always respected and the help given is of very high quality.

I have given PAL's details to many and I sincerely hope that they can increase their capacity to help Londoners who are so often taken by surprise by some very unfair projects whilst they do not have the technical knowledge to put their case. In my view, PAL is very much needed in London and they should have the financial strength to go on helping us and also to expand.''
M. E., London N6

''We recently experienced the services of Planning Aid for London and found the whole procedure professional and extremely client focussed. We were provided with help on every part of our planning appeal and we felt our advisor listened to our concerns and helped us address relevant points in a systematic manner.

Their knowledge demonstrated that they were subject matter experts and the results speak for themselves as we were successful in our appeal. I recommend their services highly - it's just a shame councils are not able to demonstrate the same level of understanding, professionalism and expertise in the handling of planning applications.''
E. D. and R. D., London SW14

"I was so pleased to find Planning Aid for London. They were calm ,considerate and practical. I am very greatful for all the help they gave me"
R. C., London NW5

''Efficient, helpful and professional service''
G. R., London N21