Become a PAL Volunteer

Whether you are just starting out, looking to progress or winding down your career, there are a number of benefits of becoming a Planning Aid Volunteer. If you interested in becoming a volunteer please fill out our form and send in your application to

Individuals Volunteering for Planning Aid for London

 Volunteering give opportunities to gain experience, develop existing skills and develop new ones covering a wide range of cases:

  • Counts towards Continuing Profession Development
  • Allows you to experience new areas of planning
  • Broadens experiences of how local authorities and private sectors engage with communities
  • Provides access to low-cost training and networking events
  • Is rewarding and enjoyable
  • Refreshes interest and opens up new opportunities

Employers and Their Organisations

There are benefits for organisations whose staff to volunteer for Planning Aid England. The staff involved gain experience, develop existing skills and develop new ones. This increases morale and enhances team interaction:

  • They pick up new insights, skills and experience that they then can take back to their place of work
  • Individuals are the best link for your organisation with your communities
  • Staff may be able to access valuable assistance and training that your organisation may not be able to afford to send them on
  • Staff have an opportunity to involve themselves in a variety of planning areas and get experience of a different client group
  • They can learn and refine their skills of community engagement which they may not have cause to do as part of their day job
  • Gives staff greater contact with a disadvantaged client group which will help them to understand the types of barriers that people face when attempting to get involved in the planning system
  • With the requirement of local authorities to develop Statements of Community Involvement (SCI), Planning Aid offers employers the opportunity of increasing staff skills through hands-on participatory techniques, which will benefit the way in which the SCI is implemented
  • Also gives an opportunity for organisations to improve their image, increase their customer base and attract potential recruits