Volunteer Testimonials

The satisfaction that I get from volunteering at PAL is amazing. This role has allowed me to gain experience in community planning, which I normally don't become involved in. I would urge anyone to become a volunteer even if you only have a little time to spare and can only deal with a couple of cases a year. As they say, every little helps.
Kimberley Davies
Planning Officer
Planning and City Development, Westminster City Council

I can actually use my experience of the planning system to make a real positive difference to people's lives. I would recommend it to anybody, there's no pressure, you're appreciated and it is all good experience for when you'll go for a future job, so join!
Andrew Wright
Planning Officer

Volunteering for PAL gives an insight into new areas of planning activity, as well as understanding how decisions impact on areas and people, broadening experience of other sectors and authorities that I would have been unlikely to gain in other ways.
Jon Medlin
Principle Planning Obligations Officer
Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

I have been a PAL volunteer for over 20 years and dealt with a wide range of casework. I have learnt as much about human interaction, negotiation and compromise as the clients have about Planning Law and Planning Policies.
George Vasdekys
Salisbury Jones Planning

My Planning Aid experience helps me advice private sector clients when proposing new schemes and seeking community support.
Richard Pestell
Roger Tym & Partners

Being a Planning Aid for London volunteer allows me to help some of the people that are least able to help themselves.
James Wells
Associate Director
Halcrow Group